Turn Your Vision Into Reality


Steven Stave coaches graphics professionals and others, drawing on 37 years in the graphics industry. In his longest-standing role, Steve was the design manager for a large textbook publisher in its Philadelphia office. It was during this period, as Steve grew and learned in this position that he began to understand the importance of helping those on his staff find their own way to grow and develop their talents further. This involved asking the right questions, so that each staff member could recognize their unique strengths and talents and how to best apply those talents within a rapidly changing work environment. This led to a great desire in taking this beyond the workplace and helping others reach their goals, particularly those in the graphics industry. Steven left the corporate setting to pursue this and is now coaching full time turning his vision into reality.


Steven graduated in 1977 from Hussian School of Art located in Philadelphia, PA. He has worked in the graphics industry in many capacities, from illustrator, production artist, designer, to manager. Artistically, Steven is now pursuing his love of printmaking and painting. He is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a graduate of the Core Essentials Program at Coach University.



Our experiences are always at play. They help shape who we are just as who we are is directing the outcome. When we are truly living we notice what we do with these experiences and use them to motivate us.


In his book, Idea Spotting, Sam Harrison asks “Is your life filled with work, or is your work filled with life?”


I ask “Is your life filled with life?”

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

― C.G. Jung